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Do I really need to track Bing?

Yes! Although Bing does not attract the same number of users as Google does, many people still use the search engine developed, owned and operated by Microsoft.Remember, Bing was launched in 2009 – about 10 years after Google launched their search engine. As of March 2018, Bing audiences in the U.S. comprised mostly of those in the age group of between 45-54 years range and of those who live in households that earn an annual income above a hundred thousand U.S. dollars. Still have your doubt? Don’t.

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Bing demographics

  • The demographic age range for Bing users is 45-54 years
  • Bing processes 15 billion searches per month
  • Bing receives around 1.4 billion unique visits a month
  • If you target the United States, Bing is essential, with a market share of 33%
  • Bing technology powers Yahoos Search Engine
  • Bing has a worldwide search marketshare on 1.37%

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Why even track keywords?

If you work with online marketing – especially SEO - or you're a website owner, you want to keep track of your rankings in search engines like Bing and Google for keywords important to your business. This can be an expensive task, but not with With us, you only pay 0,09 cents per keyword per month.

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Unlimited domains

You can add as many domains as you like, you will still only be charged for the total amount of keywords you wish to track.

Why use a rank tracker?

If you are working on improving your visibility in Bings organic search engine result pages, you should keep track of your keyword rankings.

Monitoring your keywords in the major search engines is the best way to track progress in your SEO-campagins. With SERPreme as your go to tool, you’ll get all the data you need like search volume, keyword rank and the possibility to track and monitor competitors as well.

After you have done your keyword research, simply add the target keywords and phrases you want to monitor in Bings search engine result pages. Start rank tracking today!